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How to set SMART Goals for Marketing

How to set SMART digital marketing goals.

Penny Dower Hunt, 10 May 2023.

Today, businesses are competing in a highly competitive market. Where do you stand in terms of delivering excellence on time to your customers? That’s really important. Having business goals is a priority, but having SMART Goals for your business is of the utmost importance.

Feel the difference? Yes? Let's get to the details.

What are SMART Goals?

As we know, business-specific goals are important for marketing automation. But when you add deeper insights to it, you get closer to hitting your objectives easily and seamlessly. SMART Goals refer to the specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals that are of the utmost importance for your business.

Example 1: I want to generate leads for my business.
Example 2: I want to generate 10% more leads than last year in the next six months.

Which one would you prefer?

While the first scenario is just a blind statement, the second one is more informative and makes more sense. Doesn't it?

It answers all your questions - the why, how much, when, what, and more.

So, it is a Smart Goal. It gives you a practical understanding and knowledge while you look for lead generation perspectives. It gives your project management a focussed approach and a wider understanding. Work management becomes simpler, and you get into the world of amazing insights that help you to drive and optimize your campaigns the way you want.

Basically, the SMART framework supports you in creating an effective strategy for much more specific and attainable goals. Not just that, it also helps you to create the benchmarks for your business.

The SMART framework uses specific attainable goals.

The SMART framework helps you to create a strategy for more specific and attainable goals.

Why are SMART Goals important for your business?

Well, that is the right question to ask for every business.

  It helps you to work with strong intentions and with attainable goals.

  It helps you to set up benchmarks on which you can rely for your industry niche.

  Always keep your business out in front - with the most attainable and approachable goals.

  Reduce your unnecessary efforts and keeps your resources free for a more business-oriented focus.

  Always rely on a clear beginning and end to adhere to in reaching your goals.

Marketing automation and sales automation platforms like Yoroflow can help you set up some of the SMART goals that are excellent for your business because it has some of the most exclusive and thrilling amazing business insights frozen from the data. Moreover, the Gantt chart and Kanban board could be some of the premier options for you to get a clear picture of the business and its performance for a certain period of time.

In a nutshell, let’s say this: When you drive your business with SMART Goals, you are making it easy and approachable. You are also increasing the chances of success in hitting your goals and creating a roadmap for your business to meet the metrics.

Are Smart Goals a necessity?

Yes, of course! Because it is obvious that if you have goals vs. if you have a SMART goal, the result would be different. Some of the below depict it very clearly.

Example 1: Increase your blog traffic
Smart Goal: Increase the blog traffic by 10% at the end of this month

Specific: Increase blog traffic

Measurable: Increase by 10%

Attainable: It is possible

Relevant: Yes, it is relevant to your brand/website

Timely: Increase it by the end of this month

Here, in a smart goal, you know what to expect, when to expect, how to expect, how to measure, and a lot more. It has much more clarity than a normal business goal.

Now we know what a smart goal is and what difference it can make for our business, let us dive into some of the best ways of crafting a goal. There are some important aspects that you need to keep in mind. Let us take you through them.

The importance of SMART goals for marketing.

SMART goals for marketing are:  Specific - Measurable - Achievable - Relevant and Timely.

Simple steps to get SMART Goals for your business

If we know the significance of Smart goals for your business, the next step is to get through them and achieve the best results. Once you have made up your mind that marketing automation is going to do wonders for your business, then you are all set to go.

  Use specific wording

  Include goals that are easy to measure

  Always look for some realistic goals

  Never slip away from the business relevance

  Always make your goals time-bound - to make them approachable

Let's see this in detail.

1. Use specific wording

When we say "specific," it means the unique and sensible idea that works better for you. Track it properly using the key performance indicators (KPI). Always strive for the KPI that needs to be improved upon, get the details of the stakeholders, and define a clear course of action that would help you achieve the goal with ease.

2. Include goals that are easy to measure

In marketing, if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. It clearly means that you must define your objectives with a measurable approach. When you aim for an increase in blog traffic, you need to clearly define how much you want to increase. Based on that, you can define the campaign plans and daily course of action with proper analytics. If you want to work around and improve upon your team's progress, it is important for you to easily quantify your goals, like getting an X-percentage increase in visitors, leads, or customers based on your proposed business plan.

3. Always look for some realistic goals

Never look for goals that do not match your intention to achieve them. Unattainable goals are always a mode of dissatisfaction and will never give you good results. When you define your business goals it is quite important that you only look for the most attainable and realistic goals that make sense for your marketing and sales efforts. Proper alignment between your marketing and sales teams is really important.

4. Being time-bound is crucial

If you feel that your goals are never time bound, you will never get the result. In every business, we need to define what is long-term and what is short-term. So, here we need to first differentiate between these two and then start working towards them in the best ways possible. Sales automation platforms like Yoroflow are great add-ons as we see them give you excellent dashboards that give you a larger perspective. Always define your business goals with a time calculation.

5. Being relevant is important

Always align with your business - no matter where and how you work for your business goals. Keep the brand and its objectives in line with each other so that you always strive to define some of the most relevant goals for your business.

Wrapping Up

So when you think about setting up the goals for your business to work well for your marketing and sales, it is always important to look for the Smart Goals - that keep your business approachable and more aligned towards business growth. Get better insights, always be data-driven, and rely on some of the best data. Doing business the right way is the topmost priority of all!

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