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Auckland brand identity design

Brand identity? What does this mean? You could say that the brand is a product with a personality shaped by audience perception. As designers we cannot 'make' a brand, but we can form the foundation of the brand.

Creating a consistent image or identity in all areas is key. The identity or company 'image' is made up of many visual devices - all of which should be consistent and easily recognised.

We will work with you on your colour and design preferences to come up with a brand identity design that works in all areas to give you that cutting edge.
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Logo design. Graphic design. Print.

Brand Identity Design starts with a logo design which is recognisable and memorable. The logo does not describe what the product or company does, it is there to identify it, in its simplest form.

AMG boutique design agency in Auckland has many years of advertising agency experience and expertise in logo design, graphic design and print management. We will listen to your ideas and then create a unique logo design, providing several design ideas to choose from.

We will also provide advice and support for your social media brand identity design.
We aim to give you the best brand identity design minus the high designer price tags.

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