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Interesting tech related articles about website design, internet related subjects such as: how to choose a font for branding and logo design as well as the importance of typography readability.
Find blogs on the early signs of website hacking and what to do if you suspect your website has been hacked; also design rules for the ever changing social media platforms; and how to choose the best web host for your website or blog, which is not always the most expensive choice.
We publish internet related articles on external business and tech related websites regularly, and frequently post articles on our website, so check back to see the latest information on all things web with a focus on business growth for small business websites and tips for website designers.
Web design tech salaries during the pandemic
Tech Salaries during the Pandemic

The demand for tech workers has increased significantly this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Technological innovation has been the theme of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the demand for tech experts increased, their salaries surged.

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Website designers articles branding logo design typography
Typography for Logo Design

Typography is no less important than the design that brings life to a logo and makes it eye-catching. The appropriate use of a typeface enables you to communicate with your viewers and gives them the right message for your brand.

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Internet design articles social media design rules
Website Designers Social Media Rules

The parade of social media platforms is ever-changing, and the variety of visuals is even more difficult to keep up with.
It can almost seem as though any rules for internet design graphics and visuals change as soon as they’re set in place.

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Website designers blog best internet design content
Create killer internet design content

Cultivating an online presence is essential to the success of any enterprise. Over half of small businesses in New Zealand have a website to help draw in new customers and improve profit margins.

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Website designers best website host choice
How to choose the best website host

Many business owners think that picking shared hosting is the best way to save money, but even though the price tag is much smaller, you will likely experience slower website and email response time since you are sharing a server.

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Website design tricks for internet business growth
Website design tricks for internet growth

A website that has a lacklustre design or one that is slow to load will no doubt have a reduction in its number of visitors. This is however not the same for a website that has a unique interactive design.

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Internet design early signs of website hacking
10 early signs of internet design hacking

How safe do you think your website is? Having your website hacked sounds personal. After all, you poured hours into it, making sure that it’ll grow. When your website has been hacked, a lot of things are compromised...

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