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How to get your small business website noticed


How to get your small business website noticed

Penny Dower Hunt, 4 November 2020.

Cultivating an online presence is essential to the success of any enterprise. Over half of small businesses in New Zealand have a website to help draw in new customers and improve profit margins. Whether you’re starting a small business or running for city council, a well-crafted website can help you to get your name out and build brand awareness.

Website design isn’t just about bold colours and sleek fonts, though. The most popular sites show up on search engines and draw in visitors because they offer valuable information about niche topics. To create a quality website, you must first start with quality content.

How to create small business website content

Start your website content with a strong title

When it comes to online articles, the title can be just as essential as the body of a piece. It's what convinces visitors to continue reading and exploring your site. While around 8 out of 10 visitors might read a title, on average only 2 out of 10 will go on to read the rest.

To increase your web traffic, you need to make sure that you create headlines that will garner interest. A title should not only summarise the core concept of a piece, but it should do so in a catchy way. Rhyming, alliteration, and puns are all good tools to use when creating a title.

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Double check your facts

Nothing destroys trust with a reader faster than inaccurate reporting. False data on your website can ruin your reputation and that of your business within a matter of days. This is why it’s critical that you fact-check all of your pieces using multiple sources before publishing.

You should also ensure that any sources you link are reputable. It’s best to stick to government websites, educational institutions, certain nonprofits, and academic publications.

Get your small business website noticed

Keep it short and sweet

When guests come to your site looking for information, they don’t want to have to spend hours finding it. The best content is clear and concise, telling readers what they want to know in just a few short sentences. You should avoid adding too much fluff to any piece that you write, as this can become tedious for online visitors.

That being said, adding anecdotes to emphasise your points can help to engage your readers and make your content more memorable, however as Google requires sufficient website content on a webpage in order to rank you, don't make it too brief, as your website may be perceived as lacking in information.

Providing information about niche topics takes time and dedication, but in the end, it’s well worth it. While often overlooked in web design, quality content can help you to improve your standing on popular search engines and attract new visitors to your website.

Make website design navigation easy

Your website navigation should be easy to follow and accessible. Site links should be easy to understand if you want to prevent your visitors getting lost along the way.

And web pages should be quick to load if you want to retain your website visitors and keep them coming back for more.

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