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AMG is fortunate in having
our Auckland photographer
to generate the sweet treats!


Photography is Allan's passion and AMG's magic wand... Having an in-house photographic service has proved invaluable and given AMG Design the edge. We can turn the simplest of websites or brochures into real gems with Allan's ability to find an original and creative way of capturing his subject.

... but the sweetest treat of all is the competitive photography price tag!



Whether it be a gourmet sweet treat, bird of prey, building site or a luxury lodge, Allan's versatility has enabled him to come up with original photographic ideas for many different products and diverse clients in Auckland and throughout New Zealand.

We have just designed and launched a new responsive website design for Allan MacGillivray's photography. His new photography portfolio includes food photography, portrait and event photography, industrial photography, product photography, tourism & hospitality photography.

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